Queen of the South

Being on set is always amazing, some days you're jumping off buildings and others you're a drug dealer getting shot at for smuggling. -- I was hired on by Russel, who was the coordinator for QOTS, and had need for Hispanic stunt performers. The day was filled with squibs, driving, and pyrotechnics,  but the day went perfect. (Even in the stunt world, safety always come first.). What made this a fun experience was the amazing crew, getting to hang out with Mark Chavarria, who is a huge inspiration and seeing how effective  crew can be; That was a great project. NOTE: --Every crew is going to be different, but it's our positive outlook towards that days struggles that makes the day a success. Learn from every moment.  --



Character Pete

Playing Pete on Howlers was a fantastic time!

Featured Film



In this film (Howlers), I had the pleasure of playing a character known as Pete. It was my first time playing the role of ware-wolf, I had the pleasure of doing parkour, fighting, and getting shot in the chest by an arrow. It was such a fantastic time learning to move in cowboy boots (doing parkour) and learning the methods old school methods for rigging up arrows to hit a perfect mark.


Live Performances 

Being on stage is an amazing feeling. The thought that you will only be able to perform the show for that particular crowd one time ever in their lives, it fills you with a want and makes you strive for excellence. Stage allows you to wildly express your character and emote at your fullest. Both circus routines and stage combat clear my mind and make me forget that anything beyond my actions, feelings, and reactions exist. It's an amazing feeling, a silent bliss.